Killed By Niantic

Endgame: Proving Ground

September 2014 - July 2015

Poor Thing Never Made It Out Of Development

Developed in a partnership with James Frey, author of the Endgame Series, players join twelve teams and participate in the interactive story. Gameplay was supposed to include player-vs-player features.

Endgame is a book series about twelve teenagers who each represent one of the twelve bloodlines of humanity. Extra-terrestrials have orchestrated a competition where the players have to find three keys.

Niantic promised a game where players would choose to play as a member of one of the twelve bloodlines. Players would apture “key sites” that would be used to supply them with resources, artifacts, and strength. Key sites would be stronger depending on how contested they were. Players could see other nearby players in the game, and their bloodlines, and would have the option to attack them when they were close enough.

A concept similar to Ingress anomalies was also being developed.

The game was tied into an ARG hosted on and Niantic announced the end of the partnership by posting “Game Over: 7.31.15” on the site.