Killed By Niantic

Ingress [Redacted]

November 2012 - September 2019

Can Only Be Revived By Love's First Kiss

Ingress has been compared to geocaching and capture the flag. Players are called “agents” and have to choose to join one of two teams called “factions” to compete in regions called “cells” by drawing triangles called “fields” to influence the populations living under those fields called “mind units.”

RoboVM, a cross-platform Java-to-mobile compiler discontinued by Microsoft in 2016, had been used to develop Ingress [Redacted]. In order to remain compliant with the Apple App Store requirements, Niantic started work on Ingress Prime which is built using Unity instead of RoboVM.

Niantic killed Ingress [Redacted] after Apple released iOS 12, and Redacted no longer worked on the updated devices.