Killed By Niantic


March 2023 - Not Dead Yet

You Don't Need A Hog To Find This

Niantic launched Truffel at SXSW 2023 and described it as “Niantic’s new app that brings a city’s hidden gems to life.” It’s as if they merely blew the dust off Field Trip, their earlier virtual tour guide application for recommending nearby landmarks and other points of interest, and gave it a fresh coat of paint.

When Niantic canceled Field Trip, they hinted that a “reimagined version of Field Trip” could return one day. Like Field Trip, Niantic has yet to do much to market Truffel, and it’s essentially gone unnoticed by the public.

Between November and December of 2023, Niantic changed Truffel’s website. Initially, they had instructed interested users to visit to get on the app’s waiting list. However, the website has now been redirected to Niantic’s main website, with no references to Truffel.

Despite this, the Truffel app is still available for download on app stores.